• Private Forest Therapy Walk

Perfect for groups of friends and corporate or incentive groups with a minimum of 4 persons, this sensory walk can be tailored to the needs of the group and around the themes of your meeting, retreat or team session.


$320/person (winter)

$400/person (summer)

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Our accredited nature and forest therapy guide will lead your group through a series of invitations to deliberately slow down, and to become present and mindful, while gently walking in a beautiful location. We will conclude with a tea ceremony to integrate the experience.

Our owner, Gabrielle Young, is a wellness coach and internationally accredited (ANFT) nature and forest therapy guide with more than 25 years’ experience in designing and facilitating leadership and team development programs in New Zealand and internationally. Whether she’s coaching individuals through transition and the world of work, or facilitating tailored wellbeing workshops that help employees enhance their own wellbeing and develop their resilience, Gabrielle thrives on designing and delivering forest therapy experiences, wellbeing workshops and retreats for group, team and incentive events .

About this walk

Depending on your requirements, we’ll either join you at your meeting location on Waiheke Island – or at the ferry terminal on Waiheke.
If we’re the first activity on your visit to Waiheke, we suggest that you catch the 9:00am Fullers ferry from downtown Auckland (trip to Waiheke takes approx 35 minutes)

Suggested times: 9:30am – 12:30pm or 1:00pm – 4:00pm.


  • ANFT accredited forest therapy guide
  • Tea and snacks

Not included

  • Ferry fares
  • Additional catering (POA)

What to bring

  • Comfortable shoes
  • Sunglasses, hat, sunscreen
  • Water
  • Raincoat (depending on forecast)
  • Money for wine tasting and food
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  • This is one of the best nature experiences you will ever have. It was such a treat to slow down and spend time in beautiful bush on Waiheke. Who knew there was so much life in the forest when you walk sit amongst it quietly - rather than rushing on through like I usually do. It was lovely to be guided by Gabrielle who knew a lot about the bush and local history, including bird life and plants. A delight to the senses and a real treat. I will be back again soon!

    Nature Walk – 5 stars

  • If your life is frantic and you crave a sense of peace, these 3 hours in the bush work magic. You are forced to slow right down and concentrate on small pleasures with Gabrielle's meditative guidance. Dress to keep warm - this isn't your usual gallop along a track to get to the end. The bush is the most beautiful I've seen outside Fiordland and a treat in itself.

    Private Forest Therapy Walk – 5 stars

  • An exploration of some of New Zealand's most beautiful bush, guided with such expertise, deliberation and contemplation - a memory that I will treasure. Gabrielle guided us to explore our surroundings and our senses on this 3-hour bush walk that was not physically demanding, but due to the slow pace and emphasis on observation you couldn't help but be overwhelmed by the majesty and beauty of the surroundings. This was the antithesis of destination. The objective was the journey where the sounds of the insect life and bird calls filled your ears, the grandeur of the mighty kauri trees, the colours, the very life of the forest overwhelmed the senses. I don't often wax so lyrical, but today's experience was so utterly enjoyable, and invigorating that I want all my friends to experience it. Frequent stops allowed us to share our observations, and the climax was a tea ceremony using the aromatic botanicals of our surroundings. Pure magic, and I would recommend this experience to all lovers of nature.

    Forest Therapy Walk – 5 stars

  • Only 30 min from Auckland, I found myself completely away from my day to day life. After being in the forest for over two hours, my mind was well rested and enriched with Gabrielle's enhanced and rich knowledge of the therapy. Highly recommended!

    Highly recommended Forest Therapy walk

  • Connecting with nature, sounds of nature, smells of nature, totally with myself, gentleness, calmness, bliss - my first experience of Forest Bathing. Time in Waiheke bush with gentle guidance from Gabrielle Nature Forest Therapy Guide. I had no expectations, time stood still, my world stopped, finishing with a Japanese tea ceremony. Brilliant. I look forward to joining Gabrielle to repeat this walk and encourage others to join me. Thank you for an unexpected afternoon of enlightenment.

    Shinrin-Yoku Forest Bathing Experience

  • Gabrielle guided us through Forest Therapy. I loved it all. We had silence invitations, talking to tree invitations and we built gratitude altars. I came away restored , soothed and felt very peaceful. Those feelings are still with me a week later. I hope they last. Research says they last a month. Thank you so much for this experience and I highly recommend it. The Manuka and kawakawa boiled water was refreshing at the end . We ate delicious chocolate and reflected. it was truly magical and uplifting. I highly recommend this session to everyone

    Forest Therapy 2 hour guided light walk